Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu, a self-made entrepreneur from Bucharest, is the visionary behind Customer Value Optimization and the founder of both Omniconvert and The CVO Academy. 

His mission: to empower businesses with solutions for sustainable growth through customer-centric strategies. From humble beginnings, Valentin has been a relentless value creator, a principle he attributes to his success across four companies and various roles—entrepreneur, data-driven marketer and international speaker. 

A hands-on practitioner, he co-founded Romania’s largest online car insurance player and has collaborated with e-commerce companies to enhance customer lifetime value. 

As the CEO of Omniconvert, his SaaS solutions are transforming retail giants like Decathlon or Orange into customer-focused enterprises. 

Author of “The CLV Revolution,” book, Valentin is now among the pioneers advocating for customer-centricity.