Stefan Obreja

CEO Life Dental Spa

Author, businessman, transformative life coach, and enthusiastic lifelong learner, Stefan Obreja, personifies the phrase ‘living life to the fullest.’ Born with an innate curiosity and drive to transcend ordinary boundaries, Stefan’s multifaceted journey is a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and unwavering ambition.

In just four short years, leveraging his knack for strategic planning and business development, he built one of the largest dental chains in Romania – Life Dental Spa who offers painless laser dentistry to everyone fearing visiting dentists. Mirroring Stefan’s own growth trajectory, the company thrived, doubling its revenue year after year, all through organic growth. The result? Tens of millions of euros in revenue, a testament to Stefan’s leadership, his innovative approach to business, and his unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Yet,  Stefan’s entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t content with just one remarkable accomplishment. Recognizing the potential to leverage his knowledge and experience, he dedicated himself to helping both medical and non-medical clinics achieve the same extraordinary growth. His vision? To see these institutions double and triple their revenues within a few years, thereby driving transformational change in the healthcare and beauty sector.

However,  Stefan knew that true success and growth extend beyond financial wealth. A strong proponent of continuous learning and personal development, he realized the immense power of mindset in achieving success, health, and spiritual growth. This realization birthed ‘LifeMentor,’ an international marketplace dedicated to education.

LifeMentor aims to democratize access to knowledge and promote personal growth, predicated on the belief that our mindset is the most powerful tool we possess. The initiative embodies  Stefan’s philosophy of embracing a holistic approach to success – one that incorporates financial prosperity, personal well-being, and spiritual growth.