We’ve learned (again) that each failure makes you strong.

When you own your failure, you become even stronger.

And when you share its story with others, you make them stronger too.

This is what happened at the 14th Edition of I Love Failure TALKS.

We understood that “Own your story” is more than a slogan.

It means you find the power to own not just your success, but your failures too.

It means you act in spite of your fear.

It means you want to become better, even if you know you are enough.

Thank you for your honesty, for all the emotions that you created in our souls and for your open hearts Bogdan Drăcea, Victor Tapeanu, Alex Ciocan, Andra Pintican, Grégoire VIGROUX și Mester Catalin.

We thank all of our participants because you brought a high level of energy and that you colored with your smiles all the stories that you heard.

We thank our partners for your contribution for spreading our mission to reduce the fear of failure in the world Marketos.ro, ESX, Jidvei, Mindspace.

Last but not the least, thanks for our organizing team, for dedication, smiles and the huge amount of work you’ve done in the past month.

With Love (of failure),

I ❤️ Failure Bucharest Team

PS: Stay tuned, we are gonna see you again in August!

About Adriana

Public speaking and emotional intelligence trainer, Adriana is a person full of energy. She had a huge fear of failure, which was extremely reduced over time, especially when she joined our team. Now she spreads all over the world her love of failure.

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