Dragos Anastasiu

Founder & CEO at Eurolines Group

Dragos Anastasiu is an entrepreneur who lived in 2 different countries, Romania and Germany, made 2 maturity exams, in Romania and Germany, finished Medicine School, but changed his profession in just few years and made 2 succesfull exits in passenger transport and travel industry. 

Looking at his life, Dragos thinks he made a lot of mistakes, learned a lot of expensive lessons and starred straight in the eyes of failure a few times, even he had felt the taste of the success by that time.  Fortunately he managed to score a lot more goals than he received and now is very happy to share his time between entrepreneurship,  educational projects, training programms – organizational culture and change of mindset-, consultancy business and imagining together with other people that in 2050 Romania will be the country where her citizens would love to live in (Rethink Romania).