Influencer for good

ALUZIVA, a romanian #influencerforgood

Alina Greavu is a journalist, activist and independent fundraiser. She has been writing on her blog since she was 19 years old and since 2018 she has been active online, on YouTube and Instagram, under the name ALUZIVA. She is extremely involved in social causes, especially those involving women and children from vulnerable backgrounds, supporting education and initiatives aimed at making this world a better place.

She started getting involved in humanitarian causes on Instagram in 2019. From there she started her journey as an independent fundraiser. If she saw a cause that resonated with her, she would donate a small amount of money, post about it, and direct her community to do the same. This is how she ended up raising 3,000 euros in 24 hours for a minor mother and her little girl in 2020, and 230,000 euros in 2021 for several other causes. Among them are the fundraising of 160,000 euros to buy two ambulances for the Grigore Alexandrescu Pediatric Hospital, 44,000 euros to pay the fee of an eminent Romanian student at Oxford, 12,000 euros to build a playground for children in the Preventorium Ilișua and many others.

In 2022, she founded the ALUZIVA Association to be able to scale up her initiatives, with the support of volunteers, companies, and brands she worked with as an influencer, but also with the help of her online community of which she is very proud.